One-Company-Does-It-All – Fire and Security Services

one company does it all fire and security

For businesses, fire services are compulsory, and security is a necessity. Both reduce your risks and often lower your insurance premiums.

For residential owners, it may not be compulsory to have comprehensive fire and security systems, but it sure helps us sleep better knowing our homes are safe.

It’s often difficult to chase around different companies for services. This is where a one-company-does-it-all approach to fire and security can help.

What Services Are Available?

A company that does it all will have a comprehensive range of fire and security that covers everything.

From security sensors and cameras to fire detection and fire-fighting equipment, they will also provide inspection services, installation, maintenance, and parts.

Security systems and services include monitoring, access control, cameras, alarms, and gate systems.

Fire systems include monitoring of sprinklers, alarms, elevators, detection, alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, action plans, inspection, and compliance.

Advantages of an All in One Service

Contrary to the jack-of-all-trades, theory, a comprehensive fire, and security firm will evaluate exactly what systems a client should have based on their needs.

An all in one service will also take the legwork out of getting costs for all the various components, sourcing parts, inspectors, installers and so on.

Comprehensive services mean if you want to upgrade later the same company will have all the options.

Integration of Security and Fire Services

In many cases, security and fire service requirements can be integrated to provide a more cost-effective and easier system to manage.

Wiring or monitoring can have a dual purpose, as can security doors and fire access.

Most modern smart home systems can provide connectivity to mobile apps for remote monitoring.

Easy Maintenance

When you have one company that provides all the services you need for protection, both fire services, and security services, maintenance becomes a very simple matter.

Systems we rely on for protection need to be checked periodically to ensure full functionality. Likewise, if components break we want to replace them as soon as possible.

If your installation company doesn’t provide back up servicing and parts this can be a huge headache. A company that provides a comprehensive service will be as reliable for maintenance, parts, repairs, and routine inspections as they are on the initial installation.

Choosing a Company

Fire and security are two of our top priorities for safety, and in this respect, we want a simple, effective, no headaches system that we know works.

A company with across the board experience in fire and security can provide the best service for all your needs, rather than just one area. The easiest way to choose a good company for fire and security is to look at customer ratings and reviews.

A company with extensive industry experience will be the best to provide the quality services you need.