Phone-line Free Systems Monitoring

What We Offer

Elevator Monitoring

Elevator inspections include functional testing at the site location and verifying communications for emergency services. Our highly trained operators are able 24/7 to define the exact elevator identification and location to assist in dispatching emergency services when the need arises.

Fire Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our monitoring specialists use advanced systems to provide immediate 24-hour response for fire alarms and sprinklers. Relaying crucial information to emergency crews when alarms are tripped for fire hazard or any emergency situation, our team helps to ensure the safety of people and property.

Systems Monitoring

Our monitoring solutions use the fastest and most reliable phone-line free IP and cellular monitoring systems available. This, paired with 24-hour personalized service and an highly-qualified team, means that you can trust your safety to 1st Fire & Security.

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