Fire Systems

What We Offer is Life Safety Powered by Service

We are an EST Fire Equipment Partner.


  • Installation cost savings (reduced wire, faster updates)
  • Edwards partner software licensing renewal protection
  • Forward migration path EST3 to EST4
  • Fiber Optics to annunciators
  • Upload and download of project programming files
  • Faster downloads
  • IP CMS / e-mail / e-mail to text
  • Fresh look-Color LCD with touch screen
  • True panel-to-panel mesh network
  • Cybersecurity
  • Platform for the future

4 Panel Configurations - 2 colors (Bronze and Red)

Fire Sprinkler Service

When a fire strikes, a properly installed fire sprinkler system significantly reduces fire damage and fire deaths. Whether creating and installing a code-compliant fire sprinkler system or servicing an existing system, 1st Fire & Security is here to help. Our team provides 24-hour service, with dedicated manpower and equipment specifically for sprinkler system design, installation and maintenance from Brevard to Dade Counties.

Fire Alarm Service

A state-of-the-art fire alarm system and maintenance program protects valuable lives and property by alerting Emergency Services and building inhabitants of the threat of fire. You can trust our experienced technicians to meet any fire alarm installation or maintenance need, 24/7.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Properly selected and maintained fire extinguishers save lives and prevent property damage. 1st Fire & Security technicians perform inspections and make recommendations for the proper extinguishers required for different building specifications to remain fire code compliant. Give us a call to schedule an inspection today!

Fire Prevention

Protect your investment while saving time and money. Regular fire equipment inspections ensure the reliability of your life safety systems. Our fire protection inspections identify any deficiencies and provide recommendations to update your systems to meet code compliance giving you peace of mind and improved safety for property and personnel.

One Call Does It All!