Meet the office personal of 1st Fire & security.

These are dedicated Life Safety people skillfully trained and ready to take your call, respond to an email or your filled out request for service.
Remember, one call does it all!

Bill Andrews
CEO / Founder

Bill started out as a fire alarm tech in1988.
In 1996 Bill started his company.
He had a vision of what a company should be.
It was slow at first, but because Bill cared about his customers, it wasn’t long before the word got out .
Today, that vision is to treat the customer as a friend, give the best service possible and keep your schedule.
Bill has built a one company does it all and it takes only one call for service.

Lena Andrews
Vice President

Started as Vice President in 2002 and quickly took over the estimating of fire systems and all low voltage systems of our largest projects and existing customers.
Lena still has the ability to lend her knowledge and attention to all of our other divisions on a daily bases.

Khameel Singh
Service/Installation Manager

Khameel, is head of operations for all service and installation projects.
He has been with the company going on 2 years.

Khameel came to us EST, where he headed the service/tech support division.

Richard Moore
Head of Sprinkler Estimating

Richard with hard work and a vast knowledge of fire sprinkler systems has made our sprinkler division a force to be reckoned with in the South Florida area.
Richard has the ability to get a job sold and still stay in touch with the customer to make sure things run smooth .

Frank Davis
Sprinkler Designer

Frank has only been with us for a short while as an experienced sprinkler designer. He brings with him years of past experience, which aids greatly in his ability to accurately design, from small systems to some of the largest in our working area.

Head of systems Cad Design

Ryan came to us from a different type of business, utilizing structure instead of electronic design.
He was a very fast learner and to date, an excellent Systems CAD designer.

Chris Cisco
Service/Service Dispatcher

Chris is amazing!
She can help with any situation in our company and stay with it until is resolved.
She has known our customers for a long time and when you listen to her talk to the on the phone , it sounds like she is talking to an old friend
We have been lucky enough to have had Chris since December of 2005 and it is people like Chris that has made our company strong.

Tami Martinek
New Construction Coordinator

Tami Has been with the company for many years as well. She has come up through the ranks with a few different titles and for the last few years has been new construction coordinator, specializing in construction documents and permitting through out South Florida.

Lauren Carroll
New Construction Coordinator

Lauren started with the company as an extinguisher tech, selling and servicing extinguishers through out south Florida. it was soon apparent that Lauren had a talent for electronics and her friendly personally lead to her moving into a sales position.
Currently she handles our system sales, such as cameras, access control systems and any thing low voltage.
Please call if you need any information or a quote for a system, she will be happy to work with you.

Laura Jones
Gate, Access Control, Cameras Coordinator

Laura has been in the business of servicing gates, access control and cameras for many years.
She has always stayed on the cutting edge of the systems technology, keeping up with the growing needs of her customers.
Laura is always available to answer any questions you might have about about your gates, access control or cameras.
Even if you are not an existing customer, but have an issue, Laura will try to get a tech out to help you.

Kristine Busa
New Construction Sprinkler Coordinator

Kristine started out with us as a suppression coordinator, servicing the south Florida area.
After working in the suppression division it was determined that she might be better utilizes in the fire sprinkler division, which is where her current duties lie. Krictine is responsible for scheduling, paperwork, Equipment rentals and scheduling inspections.

Kristine McIntosh
Life Safety Inspection Coordinator

Kristine came to us have been working in a different environment, but willing and eager to learn her new position as life safety inspection coordinator having a service area of the south Florida area.
After a short training period, Kristine, assumed the position full time and of course the rest is history.
Kristine would like to hear from you, if you have any needed inspections, or any questions you might have about inspections.
Please do not hesitate to give her a call, she is always there to help.