1st Fire & Security, Inc. is a leader in gate design and installation.

We fabricate all styles of gates including swing, slide, barrier or cantilever gates. We prefer installing Sentex entry systems due to its high reliability and features

We use all of the leading brands of gate operators.

Some factors in deciding the best operator are:

  • How many times will the gate need to be opened per hour?
  • What kind of environment will it be in?
  • How fast should the gate open and close? Camera systems are custom designed for each customer's needs, such as vehicle ID and license plate recognition, along with how it is recorded, on site, off site, for how many days, etc.

Access into the property can be handled by:

  • The entry system
  • Using key codes
  • Individually coded transmitters
  • Bar code readers for vehicle recognition

1st Fire & Security, Inc. can also network several guard houses together to view and control the system from one main location, saving the customer on manning multiple guard stations.

We also offer a full maintenance program after the warranty period.