1st Fire & Security, Inc. sells two of the leading fire extinguisher brands, Amerex and Pyro-chem. Any size or model may be purchased on this web site, new extinguishers will be certified and tagged by one of our licensed technicians.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Procedure:

Our technicians will inspect your extinguishers according to NFPA 10:

  • Check for any damage, proper mounting, and correct pressure readings.
  • Every 6 years, hydrostatic testing is required so all extinguishers due will be emptied and hydrostatically tested.
  • After hydrostatic testing, if the extinguisher has been discharged, or it has just not maintained pressure, it will be recharged and a recharge collar tag will be installed.
  • When the extinguishers are in full working order, our technician will recertify and tag them.